Tablao Flamenco in Granada

Discover Granada’s first flamenco tablao at Cueva Los Amayas.

The history of flamenco in Granada is as deep as the roots of its mountains, intertwined with the culture and spirit of the city. At the heart of this tradition is the Tablao Flamenco Los Amaya in Granada, a place where flamenco passion and art come to life.

Heir to the rich history of the gypsy zambras of Sacromonte, this space captures the essence of an art that has been passed down from generation to generation by the emblematic Amaya family.

What is flamenco like in Granada?

Flamenco in Granada is a reflection of its rich history and cultural diversity. Here, flamenco is lived in the streets, in the caves of Sacromonte and in the hearts of its inhabitants. Tablao Flamenco Granada, located in the emblematic Cueva de los Amayas, offers an authentic flamenco experience, keeping the essence of gypsy zambras alive.

The performances capture the emotive intensity of singing, the deep echo of the touch and expressiveness of flamenco dance, creating a show that is both a tribute to tradition and a celebration of innovation.

What is the tablao flamenco stage?

The tablao stage is the soul of flamenco, a space where the energy of art manifests itself in its purest form. The Tablao Flamenco offers an intimate atmosphere where the connection between artists and audience is direct and deep. This stage, free of artificialities, allows every footwork, every guitar strumming and every vocal groan to resonate with the authenticity of traditional flamenco.

It is a place where the history of the Zambra del Sacromonte Granaino is intertwined with the present, offering visitors a total immersion in flamenco culture.

A unique and singular musical-cultural experience of the gypsy caves of Granada’s Sacromonte.

65 minutes of racial and magical spectacle.

How much does a flamenco tablao cost?

The Tablao Flamenco experience in Granada is invaluable, providing visitors with not just a show, but a ticket to flamenco culture and tradition. Prices are designed to be affordable, varying depending on the experience chosen, which can include anything from purely flamenco performances to packages that combine the show with traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Each option is designed to enrich the visitor’s experience, immersing them in the essence of Granada flamenco.

How long does a flamenco tablao usually last?

A performance at the Amaya Cave is an adventure through time and culture, usually lasting between an hour and a half to two hours. This period allows artists to explore different styles of flamenco, from deep soleá to joyful alegría, ensuring that viewers experience the rich diversity of flamenco art.

It is an opportunity to experience flamenco in all its complexity and beauty, in an atmosphere that celebrates every note and every movement.

Visit the flamenco tablao of the Mayans in Granada

Visiting the Tablao Flamenco “Cueva los Amaya” is more than attending a show; It is to live an experience that connects the soul with the tradition and history of flamenco in Granada. Under the legacy of the Amaya family, this tablao remains a bastion of flamenco authenticity, inviting everyone to discover the passion and art of this millenary dance.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this living tradition, where each performance is a tribute to the history and culture of flamenco.

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