Los Amayas Cave

The tablao Los Amayas returns to its origins, to the sacromonte of Granada.

In Sensi Amaya’s cave you can enjoy an authentic gypsy zambra every day. A cave with capacity for 60 people, with the best views of the Generalife and the Alhambra, without stage or PA system to experience flamenco in its purest form.

Passion for Flamenco

Our cozy space celebrates the rich tradition of flamenco, welcoming both local aficionados and visitors from around the world in search of authentic Andalusian culture.

Nights of Art and Emotion

Immerse yourself in the soul of flamenco with Cueva Flamenca los Amayas in Sacromonte, where history intertwines with art to offer unforgettable shows.

Immersive Experience

Experience the passion of flamenco in a unique environment. Every night, Cueva Flamenca los Amayas is transformed into a vibrant stage of art and culture.

Online Reservations

We facilitate access to a magical experience with our online reservation system. Secure your place in the heart of Sacromonte flamenco.

Culture and Tradition

Through our activities and events, immerse yourself in the history of flamenco and discover the secrets of this art that has captivated the world.

Event Management

We specialize in making every event a memorable experience, combining the authenticity of flamenco with Andalusian hospitality.

The Heart of Flamenco

Discover the essence of flamenco with Cueva los Amayas in Granada, where tradition meets passion to create unique and unforgettable moments.

A unique and singular musical-cultural experience of the gypsy caves of Granada’s Sacromonte.

65 minutes of racial and magical spectacle.

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